Impuls masterclass for young conductors in Berlin and Dessau

Zafraan Ensemble © Peter Gesierich

30. September 2016

As part of this year’s IMPULS festival, Zafraan Ensemble and Titus Engel collaborate with five young international conductors and perform two concerts on 5 and 6 November 2016 at the Radialsystem V and at the Bauhaus Dessau.

A closer look at a young generation of composers and conductors: Within the masterclass of the IMPULS festival für neue musik sachsen anhalt, five young conductors from Australia, Japan, Korea and Spain prove their skills together with the Zafraan Ensemble under the guidance of Titus Engel. Thereby pieces by Pierre Boulez, Pablo Quaß, Johannes Boris Borowski, Eres Holz and Stefan Keller are performed in two concerts in Berlin and Dessau.

Workshop concert:
5 November 2016, 6 pm
Radialsystem V, Berlin

Final concert:
6 November 2016, 5 pm
Stiftung Bauhaus, Dessau

Pierre Boulez: Dérive 1
Pablo Quaß: geschwungen, verbogen, verdreht, WP
Johannes Boris Borowski: Dex
Eres Holz: Quintett
Stefan Keller: Soma oder Die Lust am Fallenlassen

Zafraan Ensemble, Titus Engel (direction)
Participants: Musashi Baba (Japan), James Pratt (Australia), Taepyeong Kwak (Korea), Armando Merino (Spain), Nodoka Okisawa (Japan)