Portrait concert Halim El-Dabh – MaerzMusik Festival

eldabh-obit-superJumbo Bob Christy/Kent State University

28. January 2021

We are very much looking forward to discovering the work of Halim El-Dabh - the Live Stream is on March 23rd at 8 PM from the Kuppelhalle of the Silent Green - tune in !

The Zafraan Ensemble provides a concentrated insight into Halim El-Dabh’s oeuvre with a selection of his compositions from seven decades: from his early works for piano from the 1950s to the ensemble work “The Pomegranate Concerto” from 2007.

The compositional legacy of the Egyptian-American musician, composer, electronics pioneer, musicologist and teacher Halim El-Dabh (1921-2017) is the focus of this concert, which MaerzMusik will stream live from the Kuppelhalle of the silent green Kulturquartier. The Berlin Zafraan Ensemble presents a stylistically broad spectrum of original compositions from seven decades that are still rarely found in concert life today: from his first string quartet from his student days in the USA and early compositions for piano to the ensemble work “The Pomegranate Concerto” and more recent works for chamber music instrumentation. An opportunity to discover the instrumental music of this important yet forgotten artist.