Takeoff: Hendrik Rungelrath

news_2017-07_Takeoff Takeoff: Hendrik Rungelrath © Swami Silva

15. July 2017

The next feature concert in the »Takeoff« series will be held on 8 September 2017 at the Wabe in Berlin. This time, Hendrik Rungelrath will take center stage; in addition to his new work, the programme will include pieces by Romitelli, Ofenbauer, Toan and Cage.

Each concert in the Zafraan Ensemble’s »Takeoff« series invites one composer to present his or her work as part of a feature concert. Like the radio format from which they derive their name, these features combine text, interviews, and music to present biographical, creative, and inspiring material to the public. Their guest this time around is Hendrik Rungelrath, who studied at Mozarteum Salzburg and UdK Berlin. Rungelrath’s interest in different types of repetition is reflected in the program he is curating: all of the pieces for that evening use repetition – whether verbatim, varied, or deformed; with internal or external references; with iterations, periodicities, recursions, or loops. Moderated by Lydia Rilling.

Zafraan Ensemble
Hendrik Rungelrath (interview)
Lydia Rilling (moderation)

Hendrik Rungelrath: Neues Werk (2017), WP
Fausto Romitelli: Domeniche alle periferia dell’impero (1996-2000)
Christian Ofenbauer: BruchSück 8 (2008)
Robin Toan: Mallet (2012)
John Cage: Six Melodies (1950)

8 September 2017, 8 pm
Wabe (Danziger Str. 101, 10405 Berlin)