»The Buzzing« Premiere by Antoine Daurat and Evan Gardner

The Buzzing The Buzzing © Friederike Meese

10. December 2016

On 18 December 2016 from 4 to 8 pm, the Zafraan Ensemble and soprano Dénise Beck present a four-hour concert installation at Studioten of the Uferhallen that has been developed together with the composers Antoine Daurat and Evan Gardner.

In »The Buzzing« the protagonists explore the legal capacity of the body and ask for its meaning. In doing so, emerging inner conflicts create an energy, which leads their bodies to movement, action, speaking and making music, but doesn’t produce integritiy.

For the protagonists, the only way to maintain their identities, is to perform ambigous and mechanical compulsive acts, which are evolving in a feedback loop. The female singer is the protagonist of the evening; she is outsourcing her internal resistance and uses the whole theatrical space as a battlefield of her own identity negotiations. A dangerous game between action and instrumental playing emerges, which only encounters its limits in the finite nature of the material world.

It is possible to entry and exit at any time during the four-hour-installation of »The Buzzing«. Snacks and drinks will be offered.

Concept, Composition: Evan Gardner, Antoine Daurat
Equipment: Krokokoll (Hsuan Huang, Friederike Meese)
Musicians: Zafraan Ensemble, Dénise Beck

Entry: 10 € / 7 € (erm.)

Sunday, 18 December 2016
4 to 8 pm (entry and exit are possible at any time)

Atelier Studioten, Uferhallen
(Uferstraße 8, 13357 Berlin)