01 February 2018

Musik von Johannes Boris Borowski, Eres Holz und Stefan Keller
Titus Engel (Dirigent)
Zafraan Ensemble: Liam Mallett (Flöten), Miguel Pérez Iñesta (Klarinetten), Martin Posegga (Saxophone), Anna Viechtl (Harfe), Daniel Eichholz (Schlagwerk), Clemens Hund-Göschel (Klavier), Emmanuelle Bernard (Violine/Viola), Josa Gerhard (Viola/Violine), Martin Smith (Violoncello) und Beltane Ruiz Molina (Kontrabass)

Démesure – Ein Musiktheater

20 March 2015

A music theatre production including works by Franck Bedrossian, Christophe Bertrand, Raphaël Cendo, Martin Grütter, Johannes Kreidler, Sarah Nemtsov and Alexander Schubert.

The world is too small. It is too big.
Démesure explores the longing of our generation to cope in a present over-saturated with information.
The world seems to get smaller all the time, and yet through this process its true vastness is exposed. Its complexity is endless, its interconnectedness unpredictable. The options available to us are limitless, power and helplessness exist side by side.
Démesure therefore takes the form of a “mise en corps”, and reacts to music by contemporary French and German composers, music that juxtaposes the beauty of fullness with the oppressive idea of a simultaneous dilation and compression.The audience is invited to examine this ambivalence together with the musicians, both musically and theatrically.

Idea, stage direction: Aliénor Dauchez
Musical direction: Clemens Hund-Göschel, Miguel Pérez Iñesta
Stage and costume design: Michael Kleine
Light design: Susana Alonso
Choreography: Sergiu Matis
Stage construction: Lichtblick Bühnentechnik
Dramaturgy: Janis El-Bira
Production: Sebastian Solte
Zafraan Ensemble: Liam Mallet (flute), Miguel Pérez Iñesta (clarinet), Martin Posegga (saxophone), Anna Viechtl (harp), Daniel Eichholz (percussion), Clemens Hund-Göschel (piano), Wojciech Garbowski (violin), Ildiko Ludwig (viola), Martin Smith (violoncello), Antoine Daurat (electronics)

A production by Zafraan Ensemble in cooperation with La Cage and Per Aspera. Funded by Kofinanzierungsfonds Berlin, Impuls Neue Musik, die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Initiative Neue Musik Berlin, Konzert des deutschen Musikrates. With kind support of Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, Lichtblick Bühnentechnik.