Else Marie Pade – Anniversary concerts

Else Marie Pade by private

On 27 November, as part of the Heroines of Sound Festival at Silent Green, we will introduce you to the ‘techno grandmother’ Else Marie Pade, who would have turned 100 in December 2024... On 30.11 we will be performing the same programme at Resonanzraum Hamburg and on 9 January 2025 at Haus Eden in Lübeck! Curious ? Come and discover !

Respectfully called the ‘techno grandmother’ by her followers and celebrated as a Danish pioneer of musique concrète, Pade has played a pioneering role in the field of electronic music. Her personal career is just as remarkable. At the age of sixteen, Pade joined the only all-female resistance group in Denmark. In 1944 – when she was just 19 years old – the Gestapo picked her up from her parents’ house and she was transferred to a prison camp in Frøslev. She did forced labour here until the end of the German occupation in May 1945. Pade scratched her composition sketches into the walls of her cell, composing became her survival strategy, and throughout her life she remained a versatile, creative and alert artist. Her 100th birthday is the impetus for an artistic exploration of her life and work, for a further dissemination of her oeuvre, especially her chamber music.


Introduction by Katja Heldt


Circles of Sevenths (electronics) (1959)

Afsnit I (1961) for violin, percussion and 3 groups of loudspeakers

from: Aquarellen über das Meer I-XXI (1968-1971/2024) as an instrumental arrangement for violin, cello, piano and percussion

Græsstrået (1964) for Präpariertes piano, violin, electronics

En digter og en komponist: I. Sang om amerikanerne i Vietnam (1970)

En digter og en komponist: IV. Se det i øjnene (Original Version) (1970)

Et spil for cello (1962)

4 illustrations: Himmelrummet (The Firmament) (1995/2024) – as an instrumental arrangement



Zafraan Ensemble

Clemens Hund-Göschel: piano

Martin Smith: cello

Emmanuelle Bernard: violin

Daniel Eichholz: percussion

NN: electronics/sound design

Katja Heldt: introduction and panel discussion


management and PR: Sofia Surgutschowa

Photo: Private

In collaboration with transmusikale e.V. and with friendly support by Musikfonds e.V.

Thank you to our partner Heroines of Sound Festival for the Berlin concert