Final concert of the »Rencontres« featuring German Premiere by Christophe Bertrand

news_2019-10_Rencontres Rencontres © Swami Silva

1. January 2020

On 28 January 2020, the Zafraan Ensemble rounds off its »Rencontres« concert series together with the Ensemble KNM Berlin. The joint programme at the Musikbrauerei Berlin features two German Premieres by Christophe Bertrand and Johannes Schöllhorn.

Georges Aperghis (*1945): Teeter-Totter (2008)
Johannes Schöllhorn (*1962): à Moscou (2018, German Premiere)
Stefan Keller (*1974): Soma oder Die Lust am Fallenlassen (2015)
Christophe Bertrand (1981-2010): Yet (2002, German Premiere)

Ensembles Zafraan and KNM Berlin
Victor Aviat, conductor

28.01.2020, 7 pm: Berlin, Musikbrauerei  Tickets

The third and final installment in Zafraan’s Rencontres series will be a joint concert with KNM, under the direction of Victor Aviat. The evening will feature the German premiere of Yet (2002), Christophe Bertrand’s first work for a larger ensemble. Bertrand’s music has figured prominently in the Zafraan Ensemble’s repertoire since the beginning; works like Aus (2003) and Satka (2008) make regular appearances on the group’s programs. Zafraan even commissioned a work from Bertrand in 2010, but the composition went unfinished due to the composer’s tragic death that same year.
In order to perform Yet, which is scored for 20 instruments, Zafraan is joining forces with KNM Berlin for the first time. Whereas Zafraan will be celebrating its 10th anniversary during the 2019-2020 season, KNM turned 30 last year—it was founded in 1988 by Hanns Eisler Conservatory of Music students, in what was then East Berlin. The two groups share an affinity for contemporary French music. The concert will also feature compositions by regular Zafraan collaborators Johannes Schöllhorn (whose à Moscou for 13-piece ensemble represents the second German premiere on the program) and Stefan Keller, as well as a work by Georges Aperghis.

Produced by Zafraan Ensemble in cooperation with KNM Berlin. Funded by Musikfonds, Initiative Neue Musik Berlin and Impuls neue Musik.