Haus des Schweigens

The_central_stair_in_Bautzen_II Stephencdickson

10. September 2021

On September 17th at 7h30 PM, Zafraan Ensemble will be part of an extraordinary staging of Haus des Schweigens by Aron Kinzig at the Lausitz Festival narrating the exceptional story of the former Bautzen 2 prison.


Free entry but singing up necessary :

The special history of the former prison Bautzen 2 becomes the background and foreground of a music theater production by Aron Kitzig. Interviews with former prisoners about their dreams during and after imprisonment form the basis. In this way, the diverse memories of those affected are to be given a space; they allow remembering to become culture in a lively way.

The aim is to give the “House of Silence” a new voice – not least through the power of music by Salvatore Sciarrino, Olivier Messiaen and Peter Maxwell Davies.

Stage Director Aron Kitzig
Costume design Claudia Raab
Sound installation Lenard Gimpel
Baritone Kelvin Chan
Orchestra Zafraan Ensemble