Like Tears in Rain at Spreehalle

Like Tears in Rain - Zafraan Ensemble, Yoav Pasovsky-min Graphics : Swami Silva

On 7.11.22 at 10:00 we present our interactive performance Like Tears in Rain by Yoav Pasovsky at the Spreehalle Berlin.

Like Tears in Rain – an Interactive Performance by Yoav Pasovsky and the Zafraan Ensemble is the winner of the 15th Young Ears Award.

Like Tears in Rain offers a low-threshold, participatory introduction to making music together. It is suitable for all children and young people, and there are no language barriers. The children approach the “mixing desk” with enthusiasm and intuitively begin to control the live score of the instrumentalists of the Zafraan Ensemble. It is possible, for example, to switch individual musicians on and off, to play with the dynamics, the tempo or tone range or pitch range. The participants can thus immediately enter into a high-quality, musically creative process without any prior theoretical knowledge or instrumental skills and receive direct feedback on their own ideas of musical form and sound design. Unconsciously, participants grasp the challenges of improvising or composing and juxtapose them with their musical-aesthetic awareness. At the same time, they gain insight into the world of contemporary art music and always receive a musically pleasing result. Each performance is directed in different ways by the individual participants* and an unrepeatable, unique space and sound experience is created.

A small, flexible group of musicians from the Zafraan Ensemble can set up the technology themselves and, together with the pedagogical supervision of Daniella Strasfogel (LOUDsoft), guide the project.