Like Tears in Rain – Interactive concert

Like Tears in Rain - Zafraan Ensemble, Yoav Pasovsky-min Graphics : Swami Silva

Have you always wanted to get involved? Now comes THE opportunity to make music together with the Zafraan Ensemble!

On September 20, 2020 at 6 PM at St. Elisabeth (for adults) and at 4 PM and 5 PM for children from 4 years onwards!

In the interactive concert Like Tears in Rain (world premiere) the audience has the opportunity to experience the great feeling of creating music together with the Zafraan Ensemble. The algorithms, composed by Yoav Pasovsky (* 1980) using generative art methods, are modified by the visitors via a central control and thus create the real-time score of the music ensemble. Each performance is steered in different ways and creates an unrepeatable, unique spatial and sound experience. The concert format refers to the social process of the increasing inseparability of the digital and the human world; from the increasing ability of software to imitate human behavior, but also from the adaptation of human behavior to the framework conditions of software.

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We are also particularly pleased to see the piece together with Daniella Strasfogel ( in the family event series SCHRUMPF! to present music & theater & dance in small format. This means that our youngest listeners also have the opportunity to help create the music and immediately hear the effect of their actions on the mixer!

SCHRUMPF! Zafraan (recommended from 4 years onwards) on Sunday, 20.09.20 at 4PM and 5PM
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