Live-on-Tape of UA VI.Die 1960: Der Herr Lehrer I


1. April 2021

To make the best of the current situation and to continue our UA Berlin series despite the pandemic, we invite you to listen to and watch our UA Berlin III, IV, V and VI concerts online on on 14.3, 28.3, 11.4 and 25.4 from 5pm !

The UA Berlin VI concert is available here: Dringeblieben

As a composer, he is only a lexical term for most people, albeit quite wrongly, but as a composition
teacher he remains the most important personality for many: Boris Blacher. His students at the
Hochschule der Künste are just as much legends (Huber, Yun and Crumb were chosen almost by
chance) as his openness to all compositional possibilities, which goes hand in hand. In the 1960s, he,
who traditionally opened every new post-war cultural institution in West Berlin with a specially
composed brass fanfare, expanded his poetics to electronic music and worked closely with the
Electronic Studio of the TU Berlin. Yet another step, like all those from which his students make their
own footsteps and follow very individual paths.

Boris Blacher (1903-1975)
Quartett Nr. 5 Variationen über einen divergierenden C-Moll Dreiklang
(UA Berlin 1967)

Klaus Huber (1924-2017)
Beati pauperes I (1979)

Michaela Catranis (*1985)
fauna-X (UA Berlin 2021)

Isang Yun (1917-1995)
Klaviertrio (UA Berlin 1973)

George Crumb (*1929)
Madrigals, Book III-IV (1969)

Soprano: Eva Resch

Presentation: Dietrich Henschel

A concert series by the Zafraan Ensemble.
Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and the Dwight and Ursula Mamlok Foundation.