UA Berlin III – The 1930ies: No place, nowhere

This concert has been postponed and will happen on January 17th, 2021 at the Kunstbunker, Reinhardtstraße 20, 10117 Berlin. SAVE THE DATE !!!


In the 1930s it all falls apart. “The 1930s: No place, nowhere” is the logical title of the concert evening on 20th November at the Kunstbunker. At the time, Berlin had been listening to a world premiere of the world-famous Stravinsky and suddenly everything changed. Many left, some turned inwards, and “arranging” took on a meaning outside the musical sense. Paul Dessau’s suite, composed in 1935, was not premiered until 1989 in Berlin, when we heard the remaining movements. Rudolf Wagner-Régeny came through this, failing to remain unscathed. Paul Hindemith had many pupils from all over and yet did not establish a tradition. But the record for the most students is still held today by Carl Orff.

The evening’s programme includes: “Duo concertant” by Igor Stravinsky (performed in Berlin for the first time in 1932), 1st and 2nd movements from Paul Dessau’s “Suite for Alto Saxophone and Piano” (1935, performed in Berlin for the first time in 1989) as well as “Main Herz, main Herz for voice according to a Yiddish folk song” (1936), Rudolf Wagner-Régeny’s “Liebeslied” from 1950, solo Arioso duet from “Trio for Piano, Viola and Tenor Saxophone op. 47” by Paul Hindemith (1928) and elements from Carl Orff’s “Music for Children”, originally composed between 1930 and 1935. In addition, two completely new compositions by Etienne Haan and Dario Guerrero will be premiered.

Zafraan Ensemble

Presented by: Mark Scheibe

Artistic direction: M. Smith, J. Gerhard, C. Hund-Göschel
Concept: M. Smith, S. Weihrauch, S. Solte, J. Gerhard

A concert series by the Zafraan Ensemble. Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, by the  Ernst von Siemens-Musikstiftung and by the Dwight und Ursula Mamlok-Stiftung.