WUNDERKAMMER: Welt ohne Bilder (world without images)


An evening as a guest of blind experts. Our world is full of images. And don't almost all experiences, encounters and relationships that connect us to the world initially take place through sight? On November 11 and 12 at 7 p.m. in the Siemensvilla, the Zafraan Ensemble will be exploring these questions together with professors.

“I experience my life and my environment as colorful and lively. For example, I travel a lot, and in doing so I often experience my environment more intensely than most others, who seem to have easier and broader access to their environment by virtue of their visual perception,” says Roland Zimmermann, who went blind as a teenager. He, his visually impaired colleague Dino Capovilla and the blind 10-year-old Fanny Däuper report from this world. As (sighted) musicians Miguel Pérez Iñesta, Anna Viechtl and Josa Gerhard of the Zafraan Ensemble create sound and music.

WITH Prof. Dr. Dino Capovilla (Uni Würzburg), Dr. Roland Zimmermann (HU Berlin), Fanny Däuper as well as Miguel Pérez Iñesta (musical direction, clarinet), Anna Viechtl and Josa Gerhard of the Zafraan Ensemble.

An event in the framework of the WUNDERKAMMER series in cooperation with the Neuköllner Oper and the Ernst Schering Foundation.