Zafraan Ensemble presents: ACUD Session VIII


After its successful UA Berlin series, the Zafraan Ensemble has come up with an exciting new series. Come by on Dec 1st at 8PM at ACUD Club, Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin - special guests is the Deep String duo!

Each time a special guest and his inspiring genre will be invited to celebrate the personal encounter and direct exchange with the Zafraan Ensemble and the audience. In doing so, a LOG BOOK developed by François Sarhan will first serve as a way to come together and reflect on the current times, before blithely exploring new repertoire.

Special guests of the evening is the Deep Strings duo Anne-Christin Schwarz, cello and song and
Stephan Braun, cello and loops)


Toru Takemitsu: Harfe Trio, 1992
Henri Dutilleux: 1. Strophe sur le nom de Sacher, 1976
Ernst Reijseger: „Strabismo di venere“ arr. Stephan Braun für 3 Celli
François Sarhan: Logbook
Anton Webern: Streichtrio op.20, 1. Satz, 1927
November Rain In August, arr. Stephan
Isobel (Björk), arr. Stephan Braun
Don’t get lost, arr. Stephan Braun