»Minibar« by Sven Daigger and Manuel Durão in Hamburg

miniBAR © Hamburgische Staatsoper / Jörn Kipping

1. February 2016

From 19 February until 9 March 2016, the Zafraan Ensemble will make a guest appearance at the Opera Stabile of Staatsoper Hamburg for the joint production »Minibar«, composed by both Sven Daigger and Manuel Durão.

A bar at rush-hour, lots of people: lonely people, desperate people, unrecognised genius, fragile people in need of love. Who likes whom, who will end up with whom? Will they drown in frustration or will it win? And what decides? The teacher complains about his students and about the world, HE and SHE look for each other, the single mother finally has an evening to herself. The old lady used to play piano here, the barman simply refuses to listen, somebody is selling hearing aids and has a messianic idea. If somebody is trying to pick you up, your firewall wasn’t working. And when you just don’t understand people, the router is down. Who knows everything about whom? Is the girl I am chatting with the one sitting next to me? Will the revolution come tonight? 14 young creative people from the musical theatre field, directors, composers, stage and costume designers, dramaturges, conductors and cultural managers come together to develop and narrate an opera together. Änne-Marthe Kühn formed the ideas into a libretto. Sven Daigger composed a »sitcom opera in 14 episodes«, Manuel Durão a »musikalische Farce«.

Directors: Hersilie Ewald, Natalie Schramm
Set and Costume Designer: Antonella Mazza, Matthias Winkler
Dramaturgy: Änne-Marthe Kühn, Johannes Blum
Production Management: Manuel Bust, Steven Walter

Final production of the »Academy Musical Theatre Today« of the Deutsche Bank Foundation.

opera stabile partners are: Körber-Stiftung, Deutsche Bank Stiftung, Hapag-Lloyd Stiftung and Stiftung zur Förderung der Hamburgischen Staatsoper