UA Berlin IX. Die 1990er: berlin is back is bass is drum


19. August 2021

On Sep 8th at 7 PM and 9 PM at the Watergate Berlin Zafraan Ensemble allows you to re-enter the 1990ies with its legendary Berlin club scene.

Tickets: Here

In a series of ten chamber concerts, the Zafraan Ensemble tells the story of Berlin from the 1910s to the present day as a musical one. Each of the concert evenings represents a decade, with a work premiered in Berlin in that decade forming the programmatic trigger.

Actually, one cannot talk about New Music in Berlin in the 1990s without at least mentioning what made this city the centre of the musical world at that time: club culture. Naturally, the acoustic sound world has little or nothing to do with the electronic dance world – and attempts to combine the two have never been crowned with what could perhaps be described as ‘credibility’. So, introduced by Rihm and his bass-heavy instrumentation, we break down the elements of bass and drum to their individual positions via his student Rebecca Saunders and via Joseph Schwantner.

With works by Wolfgang Rihm, Rebecca Saunders, Autechre/Daniel Eichholz, Farzia Fallah, Mauricio Kabel and Joseph Schwantner.

The concert takes place twice the same evening at 7 PM and at 9 PM in order to allow as much audience as possible to attend the concert.