Second part of the »Rencontres« in Berlin, Hamburg and Paris

news_2019-10_Rencontres Rencontres © Swami Silva

29. October 2019

Zafraan meets Court-Circuit from Paris. The joint programme includes pieces by Christophe Bertrand, Johannes Boris Borowski, Hugues Dufourt and Sarah Nemtsov, which both ensembles perform together in three concerts on 8, 9 and 10 December 2019 in Berlin, Hamburg and Paris.

Christophe Bertrand: Satka (2008)
Johannes Boris Borowski: Wandlung (2009/2014)
Hugues Dufourt: L’Afrique d’après Tiepolo (2005)
Sarah Nemtsov: …beredtes Schweigen (2005)

Ensembles Zafraan and Court-Circuit
Pierre-André Valade, conductor

08.12.2019, 7 pm: Berlin, Musikbrauerei  Tickets
09.12.2019, 7 pm: Hamburg, Resonanzraum  Tickets
10.12.2019, 8 pm: Paris, Salle Cortot  Tickets

For the second part of its Rencontres series, the Zafraan Ensemble has joined forces with the Paris-based ensemble Court-Circuit to develop a programme reflecting the compositional and philosophical ideas inspiring each group, as well as their mutual influences upon one another. Whereas the Zafraan Ensemble is organised by the instrumentalists themselves, without a set conductor or affiliated composers, Court-Circuit was founded by Philippe Hurel „par un compositeur pour des compositeurs“. As such, this collaborative process of selecting works to perform under the direction of Pierre-André Valade, Court-Circuit’s founding conductor, promises to be a highly enriching experience for everyone involved on both professional and personal levels.
Philippe Hurel’s figures libres represented an early milestone in Zafraan Ensemble’s development, so members are doubly excited at the prospect of working with the composer at the ensemble level as well. The programme will include pieces by Sarah Nemtsov and Johannes Boris Borowski – composers regularly featured in Zafraan’s concerts, but new to Court-Circuit’s repertoire – as well as works by Hugues Dufourt and Christophe Bertrand, with whom the ensembles have (or had) close relationships. The two groups will be rehearsing together in Berlin before embarking upon a three-concert tour of Berlin (Musikbrauerei), Hamburg (Resonanzraum) and Paris (Salle Cortot).

Produced by Zafraan Ensemble in cooperation with Court-Circuit. Funded by Musikfonds, Initiative Neue Musik Berlin and Impuls neue Musik.